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About Me

I’m a Life Counselor, and the

Spiritual Director at

Through Life Guidance practices, I hold space and provide guidance and support as you bring change to create vibrant living experiences.  

I live a life where all things are alive and sacred.   My mission is to spread the wisdom from my life’s journey.

...This is so much fun...


My passion is to bring light to your life as you align

with your highest self in Body|Mind|Spirit. 

As an ordained minister I support people

in celebrating life's transitions.

This is serious stuff  – YET– I like to work with joy and laughter, so yup, that’s part of our journey together. 

We beautifully weave ancient ways with modern times as you create  a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

In the mix, we work with

ceremony, ritual and healing modalities

to rekindle your innate connections to

the heavens and the earth.

The ancient traditions and a good

sprinkle of a contemporary world;

these bring the most delicious results.



Thanks for stopping by, I'm

I'm here to show you how to live a
Life that is Divine!



Services Offered at Elderberry Clinic

'SHĒNA Beauty Formulations' was borne out of a journey of self-discovery leading to a love of our Sacred Earth and its inhabitants! 


Having grown up in the earthy vibration of the forest, as I grew into my teen years there was an attraction to the allure of the beauty industry where much experiment always left me with irritated skin.  As I matured into a young mother with two children born with chronic asthma, there was continual discomfort with the heavy odours of medication and frequent trips to the hospital.  This led to the study of herbology over forty years ago and set the stage for a journey that I look back upon

with appreciation and thankfulness (read more)


On this Earth do I stand,
Unvanquished, unslain, unhurt.
Set me, O Earth, amidst the nourishing strength
That emanates from thy body.
The Earth is my mother,
her child am I!

Atharva Veda

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