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Week One - Lesson 2


There are many definitions of Agni - here I present a few to provide a well-rounded idea


Ayurveda describes the biological fire of the body required for all the metabolic functions (chemical processes for digestion of food) as 'Agni'.  The food that we eat gets digested and absorbed from the stomach every day, which is important for the maintenance of life.

What is the digestive fire? - a more western perspective

The concept of digestive fire can be thought of as the strength and volume of stomach acid, digestive enzymes, and bile in the GI tract. These juices work in concert to break down the food we eat into the necessary building blocks for energy and proper nutrition.

In the human body, Agni is responsible for


  • all forms of transformation in the body and mind

  • digestion, absorption and assimilation

  • creation of digestive enzymes

  • supports keen visual perception

  • body temperature and metabolism

  • the quality of skin

  • provides the energy that supports confidence,

  • courage, patience, fearlessness and stabiliy

  • supports mental clarity, intelligence and feeling like a whole person

  • creates enthusiasm, interest and the ability to show affection

  • supports assimilation of nutrients for the body tissues

  • supports cellular communication

  • produces ojas

  • provides the capacity for logic, reasoning and discernment

  • has us have a long life with zest

  • balances the appetite, weight and blood pressure

  • supporting regular, balanced elimination

  • ensures good sleep

Navigation the Course

Week Three

8. Five Senses Therapy

9. Kitchari Reset

10. Probiotics

11. Western vs Ayurveda 

12. Week Three Wellness Tools

Week Four

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What contributes to good Digestion

Good digestion depends on 3 things

  • the quality of food

  • the cellular environment of the body

  • the state of our mind


How does Agni become Imbalanced

  • Suppression of bodily urges 

  • A mistake of the intellect

  • Misuse of the 5 senses

  • Effect of seasonal changes

Read about the

Different States of Agni

Monk's Rice
Five Simple Practices to Balance Agni
  • Sit down and eat

  • Chew your food

  • Have 3 meals per day, leave out snacks

  • Have room temperature / warm drinks and

  • Food - nothing cold

  • Practice acceptance and forgiveness

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