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Ancient Wisdom
for Living Well in
Modern Times

Life Divine Aligned

…a way of being that will deeply nourish and transform your soul. A way that will tune you into your modern self, while awakening the memory of where you have been.

 A life where you manage your inputs and outputs, and the stress of the

external world is no longer in control.


We have been here for quite a while, with these memories buried deep within.  

We’ve chosen to be in the here and now and we’re needed at this time.  


This beautiful introductory program to Ayurveda wisdom initiates us to a baseline of being, of alignment with the unique alchemy of Body|Mind|Spirit that is our truth and individual to each.


Largely based upon the Science of Ayurveda, you will learn these traditional ways, its lifestyle and nutritional teachings.  These are from texts, 5000-year-old, as relevant today as they were then.  Not all can be shapeshifted over such a time; we draw parallel to the new versus the old.  We become well informed and make new choices in alignment with emerging selves.


Your life will transform into one that is more peaceful, grounded and focused.  Your homelife and relationships will be impacted, your health and spiritual connection enhanced.  We are each connected to a larger than us life, we merge with this as new doors beckon us to our true selves.


We are called on this journey today to participate, to heal, to connect – step into the journey and begin to lead your way.

The Life Divine Aligned

Who is the Foundations Course good for?


I don't need to say it, we know we are living in extremely stressful times?

Would you like to reduce your stress load?

Do you long for a Happy and Healthy Life?

Do any of the following apply to you?


Do you struggle to get through your day?

Are you stressed out, tense and worried?

Do you have a hard time sleeping?

Do you feel heavy and dense?

Are you moody or grumpy?

Do you generally feel like its time for a pick-me-up?

Enroll now for the group beginning October 20 2022



Many of us feel overwhelmed and helpless and worry about our health. We can’t find enough time in the day to do what really matters to us. We want to be in touch with what we are meant to be, wondering

“If life will ever be comfortable again?" 

We look for ways to feel better, and feel guilty as we begin using food, TV, substances, sugar, the Internet or other distractions thinking these will bring us to a better place.


        Somewhere within ourselves, we know we should have great health, joy and love.

What we really want is to feel whole again. 

I will Show You How!

that in just 20-30 minutes a day, no matter how busy you are,

you can lower your stress while moving toward a vibrant and healthy you!

The Life Divine Aligned Foundations Course

What is included?  “Life Divine Aligned” is a 28-day Online Course that is self-directed 

- you do part of the course each day, at your convenience.

It is like having a private workshop

that you can easily do from home. 

Each day you will have information on your inbox providing you with direction and support. 

The Course applies the most essential teachings of a modern approach to Ayurveda. By decoding these ancient teachings, we provide you with step-by-step and easy to follow instructions to apply to your daily life.   These are simple and powerful, can be mastered by everyone and will provide the foundation that can lead you closer to living a healthy and vibrant life.​

Benefits of the Program


Learn of the ancient traditions and how they nurture us all in life

Experience the simplicity of Ayurveda's lifestyle and nutritional habits

Learn simple habits and strategies to empower you while navigating chaotic times  

Lower stress levels while enjoying a better mood

Feel healthier and calmer, and with more energy

Experience:    improved digestion,   enhanced immunity,   better sleep patterns

Help you to live a more fulfilling life  

Experience what its like to feel connected and motivated every day  

Cultivate your existing connection to a fulfilling life

Develop awareness of and cherish the uniqueness of you

The goal of finishing your Life Divine Aligned Foundations Course is for you to experience and integrate the life-changing habits into your routine and have them become as natural as the waking breath – this will help transform your stress into positive energy. 


What would it be worth to you if you were to have a lifestyle where you felt in control,

you were navigating life with trust and confidence, you had a wonderful exercise routine,

and relationships were in line with your values? 

This is only part of the opportunity the course provides. 


Life Divine Aligned does not require the purchase of supplements;

a few items are recommended, with an estimated cost of under $50


To learn more and enrol

Enrolment for the October 2022  is underway.  

Enrol Now

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