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Engaging with the Divine


Your world coming to Life!

Moment by moment, breath by breath


We are a community of those who love life, seek

authenticity and are 

vibrantly involved in a rapidly changing world.


Pretty scary world we're experiencing these days...

We're in it, and its affecting our day to day...

We want to live without fear of the unknowns,

to learn to embrace these opportunities for growth and well-being.


We understand the importance of our role and our contribution, and are committed 

to the balance of feminine and

male essence in all that is. 

 We want to live well, to honour the circumstances we live in,

 and to create environments that are healthy for all of beings.


Our questions and actions are paramount to the future, and ya, 

we honour and foster the fire in our children as they learn to

create sustainable life. 

We love to learn, to experience and

to share with our fellows  


Our worlds are continually coming to life!

Who are You? 

A creative at heart and full-on lover of life.

Career, relationship, lifestyle – bring it all on!

 Love to delve deep as it welcomes in new space.  


You have so much to give and lots to do... yet always waiting for when your plate is clear,

when your health is optimal,

when the relationship is just right,

when more money is in your account. When...


The reality is that there is so much richness to experience in life as it is in this moment.

You respect your past and want to 

Cultivate love of the now, and


You're keen for the future you are

co-creating with each breath


You’ve probably done a whole lotta inner work.  

And once it’s done?.....


I know one thing for sure..

The closer you can be to the truth of you,

the richer you can embrace.

 Why is
Brilliance Gathers for you?

What if you were living life, knowing

you’re got the support of

those who are on the same path?

You’d love to work with someone

who has been around for awhile.

Someone who’s straight with you and has your back.

Someone who’s invested in you evolving and loving

and holding space as you’re more and more showing up

as the One you were meant to be. 

Someone who cares deeply for your future, our future,

and for what’s coming next on our planet earth.


Hey - That’s me 


It's my pleasure to be your guide! 

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