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Brilliance Gathers
Here's What you Get

As the month begins you receive a Guidebook with the month’s theme –

-  packed full of luscious and precious love. 


A Workbook is also sent; it’s sectioned to be worked with as the month’s theme progresses.   


There’s a Mantra delivered for every month – sometimes as music, sometimes words.


There is a kickoff IG or Facebook Live Call around the first of the month. 


You receive a weekly email.  During the month, there are primers by email and/or text,

suggested journaling ideas, meditations, reading and more. 


Weeks 1-2-3 is theme content, the fourth week normally for ritual and integration. 


I’m big on sacred ritual and dance for gathering yourself home

– ya, YOU back to YOU!

You’ll find a ritual each month in your Guidebook and learn how to move with it. 


You’re well-paced for success – this hasta fit into your hectic life, right,

so I’m making it work that way.


And two live Zoom calls where I answer your pre-submitted questions. 

                        This is your time, submit your q’s and I’ll be as real with you as I am with myself .                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sharron

Monthly Themes



June - Affirmations

August - Integrity What’s your Truth?

September - Letting Go

October - Healing

November - Being Real

December - Auspiciousness and Prosperity



January - What are you gonna do about it?

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