Wo~man of Soul

   The School



The school is a collection of experiences, both personal and professional as well as training and workshops that have been taught and brought together over a number of years.  Teaching, providing care for and counselling to smaller audiences has taken its life to a greater and sometimes online audience.


The Wo~Man Of Soul School is about YOU!

How can I help you grow, prosper and thrive?


I love what I do and am here to guide YOU to that place where you are completely

in love with YOU,

your Wo~Man of Soul.

Current Course Offerings

exploring spirit

Want  to make the best of the years to come?

16 week  group mentoring program


6 week immersion mentoring program


12 week immersion and mentoring program

The first day

Personal  retreat with Sharron


Coming Soon!

About Sharron Cosgrove

Sharron teaches the Medicine of Body|Mind|Spirit. 

Her practice is Life Divine where she beautifully  creates an alchemy of Life Counselling with holistic living  - ancient ways in modern times.  Her gentle and captivating teaching style is engaging, uplifting and very powerful.   Shifting with the flows of our energies and the breath, she welcomes the weaving of wisdom from the scientific to the mystical;

a truly divine experience!

Insurance Receipts available upon request

Professional Member AQTN - Licenced in Québec as Naturopath and Naturotherapist


T: 819-923-5980