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Details - Preparing 
Embracing Grace

Although the Retreat begins February 3rd 2024, Dr. Shamna likes folks to arrive 1-2 days in advance to prepare for Panchakarma and to leave one day after finishing.  


This represents arriving approximately 

February 1st, and departure date will depend upon the duration of your program

**Notes - The retreat is for 15 days; there may be option to extend to 25 days

Pricing Details and Breakdown
Retreat | Treatment Packages | Accommodations 
Overall Budget +-
Embracing Grace 

Total estimate $3100 per person** which includes

- Ayurvedic Panchakarma Program: $1350 

- Accommodations and Food 18 days $42  per night double occupancy  $756.

- Embracing Grace Facilitaton $925


**Prepared using costs of

15 day Bliss package and shared room

* Based upon current exchange rates June 2023

* Budget prepared in Cdn

* International Airfare not included

* In country travel not included

Other considerations for planning purposes

- Shopping/Sightseeing $200+- 

- Tip:  $125 app 

- Pre-travel consult with Dr. Shamna $130

Detailed Budget

​​- Ayurvedic Panchakarma Program designed individually by Dr. Shamna - Packages are offered  for 15 days or longer - Prices range from $89 to $118 Cdn per day Please see Panchakarma Packages - Your budget depends on the initial consultation with Dr. Shamna, which will be prior to final booking.  - Initial consultation with Dr. Shamna $130 Cdn

and Meals
Retreat Fee

- Private room: app $62.00 Cdn -- Shared room:app $42.00 Cdn     *Prices quoted are in RS Shared RS 2852, Private RS 3920 converted to Cdn. Prices include 3 vegetarian ayurvedic meals per day and applicable taxes *Please budget for 17-18 days stay at Seashell

Retreat Fee (15 days):  $925 Cdn per participant and includes PRE RETREAT All Pre-Trip training & arrangements with Doctors and Seashell Harris Resort - Planning meetings with participants - Guidance on travel documents & flight bookings DURING THE RETREAT - Liaison and arrangements with Doctors and Seashell staff​ - Daily Early Morning Sadhana and Meditation  - Embracing Grace sessions - Support and liaison for participants



Although there is no required prerequisite for the rereat, it is recommended you join - Sharron's Fall Cleanse early October or - Light of Beauty, Docuseries preparing for the experience and beauty of the Panchakarma program - nurture your beauty and have some fun!

Documentation required to enter India
Visa & Documents

Note: please re-confirm entry requirements on the Indian Consulate site - link below. - A valid Canadian passport to travel to India. - All Canadians require an India Visa to enter India. - Visas are obtained from the  local Indian Consulate.   - E-Visas are available and sometimes approved in 3-5 days  ​ Apply for Visa (In  Consular Services, find E- Visa on right hand side of page

Getting to Seashell Haris Beach Home

NOTE: Airfaire is not included in the pricing estimate. Upon registration, we provide guidance on the most reasonable booking options. - International Flight to India & Return (Mumbai or other): - Domestic Flight to Kannur (CNN) & Return: approx. - Taxi to Kannur and return to airport at departure

Travelling within India to arrive at Seashell: Address: Sea Shell Haris Beach Home  Adikadalayi Nada, P.O Adikadalayi, Kannur – 670007   E.V.Haris( Owner) +91 9847 003 687  *be sure to bring this information with you when you travel to India, as it may be requested at Customs to enter the country.

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