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Week One - Lesson 1

The Nutrition and Lifestyle Program is structured over 4 weeks. You can choose to complete the program within that time frame or extend it. Many participants choose to take more time, either in the first two weeks or in the reset week, with great results.

Over the next few days it's time to set your own pace and get ready.

I'll will be with you along the way. Regular emails with tips, inspiration, and support will be sent to guide you through this journey, and these emails will follow the 28-day schedule and assume you are following that as well  (that's the best we can do with the tech right now)!

If you plan on setting a slower pace, simply create a folder in your inbox called “East'West” and file incoming emails in that folder. Then check in and read them when you're ready.

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David Frawley Speaks

In this Audio, I quote David Frawley,

the Western Guru of Ayurveda

So, what is Nutrition?

Navigating the Course

Week Three

8. Five Senses Therapy

9. Kitchari Reset

10. Probiotics

11. Western vs Ayurveda 

12. Week Three Wellness Tools

Week Four

Coming Soon

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