Sharron speaks at events and facilitates conversations to corporate, educational and private audiences on a variety of topics.    

Her work aligns with a mission of touching hearts, firing the spirit and inviting the courageous action of 

all to better serve our world. 

Her inspiring commentary speaks to the role of ordinary people in shaping a future.  In doing so, she acknowleges the impact of all of our actions and encourages all to consider our children and the generations to come.

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Speaker and Facilitator
Change-Making we create the new Story

Bits of what's been said of her work over time. 



Her presence is calm and focused, bringing great strength to groups in difficult discussions. She always takes the time to do a check in on the group's well-being as discussions move along.  The part that is notable about her work is her ability to apply outcomes based techniques and her background in Leadership Coaching when she is facilitating the deep inner work required with clients in transition - really magnificent! 

Carole P. Accommodations Director



In group coaching sessions, she has a delightful and respectful sense of humour and is very skilled at listening and synthesizing what the participants contribute.  I so appreciated how she drew in the quieter members of the group, and kept our discussion moving along.  I left our sessions feeling inspired and empowered. 

Jen, Theatre Manager



Sharron was engaged to facilitate two workshops for parents. The workshops' intent was to help parents increase their media literacy, providing them with strategies to navigate our rapidly developing digital world, as well as address concerns about internet safety. Sharron was professional and knowledgeable. Her positive attitude permeated the workshops and encouraged participants to open their minds to different ways of approaching a subject that often elicits a fear based reaction in parents.


Encouraging critical thinking and allowing space for the participants to develop their own ideas on the subject guided the development of new tools. With Sharron's help, we will use this new resource to help empower and educate other members of the community who might be feeling a little lost in the sea of rapidly changing digital information.

M.G., Executive Director