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Full Sturgeon Moon

Elderberry Cottage on Thorne Lake


Aug 11, 2022

6:45 - 9:00 




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By recognizing this powerful energy, we can remain

open-minded and flexible.  


Come gather with us for a guided journey where we position ourselves individually and collectively to take advantage of what can be tremendous opportunities – so much needed at this time in

humanity’s evolution.

The August Full Moon 2022 is the final supermen of 2022.  This moon is in Aquarius and is a reminder that, as the saying goes, if we do the same things over and over again, we can expect the same results. So, it’s also true that if we do something out of the ordinary, something that breaks us out of the status quo, we make room for the Universe to surprise us – and possibly even bring some magic! 

Shake up the Universe - that's the invitation of this intense and action-packed Full Moon in Aquarius.

Drama, of course, is just what you'd expect from a

Full Moon during this crazy time; and this one falls within touching distance of the huge cosmic event that is The Lion's Gate Portal opening



Evening's Program


Stretching and Warm Up 

Meditation to ground and prepare 

for a mystical journey

Crystal Bowl

Journal Writing Prompts

Ceremonial Ritual and Dance  to anchor our dreams

Refreshments and Sharing

To register for the Full Moon Gathering


August 11th 6:45 to 9 p.m.  

Full Moon Celebration $20

Couples, two for $35

What you bring?

What is burning, ready to be birthed? 

What do you envision as a future for yourselves and for Mother Earth?

A Journal

Your willingness to participate in a container of love where all are equal, delving deeper into spirit with each breath.

Your open-hearted to the magic that we will create 


Yoga Mat, and just in case…… comfortable clothing, raincoat and boots 




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