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Funerals & Memorials

So Much to Think About
So Little Time
That’s Where I Come In!

It is my honour to serve families and those who are dealing with the passing of a loved one. An end-of-life ceremony is a beautiful way of saying  Thank You  and of honouring those who’ve blessed

this world with their uniqueness.


I see my role as a Life Cycle Celebrant as one of collaborating with family and friends to create and facilitate personalized memorials, funerals, celebrations of life, graveside services in the

central Ottawa area and Outaouais regions. 

Ceremonies are also held virtually to the international community. 


As a storyteller, I deeply listen to the stories of the lives involved and

I walk with you in organizing your celebration.



I treasure the work of crafting a beautiful 

tribute for your loved one.    Sharron

The Service

Family and friends are often overwhelmed at the thought of creating and organizing a funeral or memorial service. When coping with bereavement we are not always fully aware of the many funeral or memorial service choices available.


Times continue to shift and in today’s world, many are choosing to bring their personal beliefs to this important part of the life cycle and working with a Celebrant who will honour their loved-one as well as their spiritual beliefs. It is no longer necessary to have your ceremony facilitated by a traditional minister or by a non-religious officiant. There are many choices in between.

I work with each situation as it presents, whether there is a traditional religious belief, a modern-day approach to spirituality, cultural influences and in cases where there is no belief at all.


Some find it appropriate to include meditations, hymns or other elements that respond to celebrate the life of the deceased; some choose others rituals that are dear to the heart.


Planning & Budgeting

Celebrant Fees


Sharron’s Celebrant fees vary for each unique ceremony and normally range between $400-$700.  Every ceremony is unique and different so fees are quoted on an individual basis.  Fees are structured to support the time dedicated to working with the family, to researching, to writing and designing your distinctively unique ceremony, while also respecting your budget. 

Preplanning for Funeral

My service offerings also include working with families and loved ones who embrace the idea of pre-plan for the time of their or a loved one’s passage. 


Every situation is different and fees are dependent upon the services required. 


These can include discussions about style of funeral or memorial, beloved and sacred rituals. Research and proposals for the kind and location of the service or memorial.    Options for burial, considerations for green burial.  


Some folk request that I manage arrangements with licensed authorities on registration of the death, etc. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
The Living Funeral

Living Funerals are a Japanese custom and became popular a few decades ago. 

As the living are turning to walk the last segment of their life on earth, either by terminal diagnosis or other, some choose to hold a celebration while they are are still able to be with, to hold and to cherish their loved ones and the memories they have shared on the journey.

Fees for the planning and facilitation of this Ceremony are dependent upon the uniqueness of the event.

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