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Pure Creation 
March 2 to March 28 2023 

Kannur, India

on the Arabian Sea


Registration is now open

As we navigate these profoundly beautiful years, we are sometimes overjoyed with the emergent positives and at other times we are disillusioned and disheartened at the chaos that seems never ending.  


You journey to meet up with us in India - arriving into the tranquil environment in Kannur India by the Arabian Sea, you are held safely as you heal and rejuvenate on the physical and emotional levels. 


At the same time, you are reclaiming space, presenting you with the opportunity to recalibrate your value systems and kindle a vision for a future. This future encompasses much more than seemed feasible in the past decades. 


Pure Creation is the two-part journey that begins within this space.

Pure Creation is your guide as you explore your return to the deepest core instinct and knowing!


This two-part journey comprises the guided visioning process of your Pure Creation being led by Sharron Cosgrove,  while simultaneously undergoing a rejuvenating and recalibrating 25-day Panchakarma healing program being led by Dr. Shamna Prajiht and her team.


An opportunity to truly experience your “Heaven on Earth”

***Dr. Shamna's call***

If you are interested in the journey, please contact me and we'll set up a call to review Dr. Shamna's video explanation of the Panchakarma program during the retreat.

This includes - What is Panchakarma?  Why is this 25 days?  Daily Schedule and other important information.

Preparing for Your Trip

Although the Retreat begins March 2nd, Dr. Shamna likes folks to arrive 2 days in advance to prepare for Panchakarma and to leave one day after finishing.  

This represents arriving approximately 

February 28th, leaving March 28th.  

Visa & Documents

Visa & Documents

  • You will need a valid Canadian passport to travel to India.

  • If travelling from Canada, you will need an Indian Visa, obtained from the  local Indian Consulate if you need a visa to enter India.


All Canadians require an

India Visa to enter India.


E-Visas are now available and have been received in 3-5 days 



  • Note:  Under consular Services, find E-Visa on right hand side of page

Air Travel

& Getting to Kannur

Getting to Seashell Beach Home

  • International Flight to India & Return (Mumbai or other): approx. $1700 to 2500 CAD per person

  • Domestic Flight to Kannur (CNN) & Return: approx. $200-400 CAD

  • Taxi to Kannur: approx. CAD 60 per person each way

Hotel Address

Address &



Hotel: Sea Shell Haris Beach Home Adikadalayi Nada, P.O Adikadalayi Kannur – 670007  


E.V.Haris( Owner) +91 9847 003 687 


*be sure to bring this information with you when you travel to India, as it is sometimes requested at customs to enter the country. 


Accommodations and Meals



Private room: RS 3100 about $52.00 Can* -app

$1420 Cdn

Shared room: RS 2200 approx $37.00 Can- app $1000 Can

*Prices include 3 vegetarian ayurvedic meals per day and applicable taxes.   Payment will be made on-site in cash.

* Total Price based upon 27 day occupancy

Panchakarma with

Dr. Shamna 

Panchakarma with Dr. Shamna
  • Ayurvedic Panchakarma Program designed individually by Dr. Shamna

  • Packages include 25 days - for consultations, daily treatments and medicines during treatments.

  • Bliss / Swasthya $1700 CAD * (4100 INR/d)

  • Nirvana / Soukhya  $2400 * (5700 INR/d)

  • The budget depends on the initial prerequisite consultation with Dr. Shamna, which can happen prior to final booking. 

  • Initial consultation with Dr. Shamna $130 can

  • Extra medicines to take home: $50-200 CAD


  • Indicated for a generally healthy person seeking a detoxification to refresh and rejuvenate themselves

  • 2 treatments per day


Nirvana / Soukhya

  • Indicated for those having a compromised health and seeking a deeper level of healing, detoxification and rejuvenation

  •  3 - 4 treatments per day

Pure Creative 2023

Retreat Fee 

Retreat Fee


Retreat Fee:  $1100 per participant


What is this fee for?


  • All Pre-Trip and consultation arrangements with Doctors and Seashell Harris Resort

  • Planning meetings with participants


During the retreat

  • Liaison and arrangements with Doctors and Seashell staff​

  • Daily Early Morning Sadhana and Meditation 

  • Regular gatherings for Pure Creation sessions

  • Support and liaison for participants

Your Budget

Budget  approximate 
  • Air Travel International $1700-$2500)

  • Travel to Kannur in country $300 app

  • Pure Creation Facilitaton $1100 Can

  • Ayurvedic Panchakarma Program: $1700 - $2400 

    • Extra medicines to take home: $50-200 CAD

  • Accommodations and Food $1000 - $1420 

  • Shopping: $300 CAD 

  • Tip:  $100 app CAD

Total estimate: $6300 CAD per person**


**Prepared using lowest costs in air, Bliss treatment and shared room

* Based upon current exchange rates Nov 2022

* Option for additional teaching program with Dr. Shamna - Ayurveda Beauty Course

* Option for exploration of region prior to panchakarma 

*. Budget prepared in CAD

Registration is now open


Questions and Registration


Important notes:


1.  Consultation

The first step is to book consultation with Dr. Shamna to discuss your health history.  This booking is done through Sharron.  The fee is $130 Canadian, for the full consultation and  recommendations for which retreat is appropriate for you.


Why the fee if you are participating in the retreat?  

This is the cost of the consultation and of Dhanwantari Ayurveda opening a client file for you.  With the file opening, you become their client.


2.  Register for the Retreat and submit Deposit

Second Step - There is a 20% deposit= $800 required as you register for  your retreat  (for Panchakarma, Accommodation, Tip & Retreat Fee).  This fee is based on the Bliss package and shared accommodation pricing. 

Although the Retreat begins March 2nd, Dr. Shamna likes folks two arrive 2 days in advance to prepare for Panchakarma and to leave one day after finishing.  This would be arrival approximately February 28th, leaving March 28th.  

Registration is still open 

deposits still being accepted

Note:  In order to stay safe, and in the event conditions have it that the trip is cancelled,

we have arranged to keep the deposits in Canada for the time being.  

These will be refundable if the retreat must be cancelled.

3.  Register for your Indian Visa

Research and prepare your Indian E-Visa application. - Note:  Please ensure you access the application procedure through the Indian Consulate Pages to avoid fraudulent sites.



Note:  Under consular Services, find E-Visa on right hand side of page

4.  Book your Flight(s) to India -

Bookings and Travel are done individually.  We meet in Kannur at the Seashell Haris Beach Home


5.  Join regular Zoom calls with Facilitator

Zoom calls will be held regularly to share information regarding plane fare, travels in India, what to bring, etc. 

Your Doctor

Dr. Shamna Prajiht, Dhanwantari Ayurveda

Your Accommodations


Your Retreat Facilitator
Sharron Cosgrove

Ayurveda Practitioner and Nutritionalist, Life Cycle Celebrant and Bioresonance....more

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