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 inner beauty Foundations

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do you feel beautiful?


What is Missing?

do you long for your TRUE INNER BEAUTY to shine through?

join us and together we will identify your

true inner beauty 



What is your Inner Beauty Profile? 


Is it inner happiness, health, radiance, peace, feminine power?


Is it in the wildness of your true heart?


How much of your Beauty is actually in the physical?


For each of us this is different


Life brings us lots of situations where we doubt our True and Wild Beauty.  Media and societal pressures that we all face bring us to places where we feel stressed and overwhelmed, longing for that deep and real feeling of being our Beauty Selves.  We are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for happiness. 


In our innocence we think the relationship, job, more money will be it… as we attain our dreams and acquire our objects,

do we notice that we are still wanting for more? 


We are sold on needing specific cosmetics, face care products, clothing and accessoring - these seem to be the prerequisites

for a life that should be and feel beautiful.  But is it really? 

Or are we more likely to become overwhelmed and helpless and worry about our health?


In this place, we find ourselves far from the True Beauty that we really are 


In my many years of teaching and studying ancient traditions, my one all time truth is that our lives become happy and fulfilled when we have embarked on this lovely journey to define

 OUR Inner True Beauty 

​In the True Beauty Formula Course, we show you the way and provide you with the tools and strategies to allow you to 

Unlock the Key and lead you to the place 

where the health, joy and true happiness that are our birthright have an opportunity to shine through

This place is your Ceremony, the Ceremony of your Beauty Defined - it is the True Inner Beauty Emerging from deep within. 


















WE WILL SHOW YOU that in just 20-30 minutes a day

no matter how busy you are, you can learn practices and strategies from the ....... 


Teachings of Ancient Wisdom


These teachings will show YOU the way to defining and living the

Beauty, Health and Happiness that is truly YOU


When we slow down enough to be truly present in our lives, we realize what we have been searching for has actually been here all along.  And this is the key to what I call the True Beauty - it is the Happiness, Health and Spirit that is living deep within your YOU.

Finding your True Beauty is not as elusive as it might seem: 

It is not dependent upon the makeup that you use,

an expensive skin care product, dieting or daily workouts at costly facilities.

True wild beauty, health and happiness come from the core of you.  Deep inside your soul lies the key

to discovering, embodying and living the real you on a daily basis in your life. 

Discovering and aligning to the real You is the key to unleashing your True Beauty. 


One of the most significant paths to this state of being is through the introduction to the ancient tradition of Ayurveda. 

These 5000 year old practices continue on today and are gaining tremendous impetus in the medical world as research is demonstrating that an integrated approach to health and healing is the path to wellness.


In this 5 module Course

You will learn and experience the






What is included?  


The “True Beauty Formula” is a 5 module, 35 day Online Course that is self-directed  - you do part of the course each day, at your convenience. It is like having a private workshop that you can easily do from home.  


Each day you will have information on your inbox providing you with direction and support.  This material is yours to download and to keep forever. 


The Course applies the most essential teachings of a modern approach to Ayurveda. By decoding these ancient teachings, we provide you with step-by-step and easy to follow instructions, exercises and practices to apply to your daily life.   These are simple and powerful, can be mastered by everyone and will provide the foundation that can lead you to live the life of Inner Beauty that is your birthright.

Benefits of the Program


Unlock from within you the True and Wild Beauty that lives within

Feel alive and free, being true to the real inner you

Experience this in your daily life with all of the added benefits it will bring 

Live a happier and more fulfilling life



Limited time BONUS


As a  BONUS to the program, you will receive

3 Meditations to help bring the focus to the Inner Beauty of You 

Worksheet for self-enquiry to define and refine your True Beauty


The goal of finishing your Inner Beauty Formula Course is for you to experience and integrate the life-changing habits into your routine.  These habits are what leads you to live the Ceremony of this life of True Inner Beauty and have it be as natural as the waking breath!



The Course includes

We provide you with all of the materials, readings and exercises that are included in the course curriculum

5 modules of teachings in your inbox everyday for 35 days


















​​Value of the Course

The true value of this Course, with the lifelong benefits and experiential element is well into the thousands of dollars.


your inner beauty course

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 Module 1 

What is Beauty?

Let's talk about  Inner Beauty

Realigning with your Vision of Beauty

 Embracing Your Uniqueness 

Meditation for self-alignment

Body's natural rhythms & balance

Regaining Control

Module 2 


Let's talk about Healthy Eating Routines & Habits

Foods for the Seasons

Dieting vs Cleansing vs Detoxification


Module 3 

Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda

Three Doshas

Assessing your Ayurveda Self

Know your Body type, Emotional Type

Your Unique Beauty

Foods to feed Your Beauty


Module 4

Let's talk Body Self Care

Self Massage

Cleansing of the Passages

Oral Self Care

Ancient Beauty Recipes

Beauty Sleep

Module 5 

Let's talk Lifestyle 

Your Inner Beauty

Dinacharya - Daily Routine

Movement & Meditation

Easeful Living

Breathing Techniques

About Sharron Cosgrove

Sharron teaches the Medicine of Body|Mind|Spirit. 

Her practice is Life Divine where she beautifully  creates an alchemy of Life Counselling with holistic living  - ancient ways in modern times.  Her gentle and captivating teaching style is engaging, uplifting and very powerful.   Shifting with the flows of our energies and the breath, she welcomes the weaving of wisdom from the scientific to the mystical;

a truly divine experience!

Insurance Receipts available upon request

Professional Member AQTN - Licenced in Québec as Naturopath and Naturotherapist


T: 819-923-5980