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The Light of Beauty

February 2024


During the Embracing Grace Retreat we will delve into your relationship with the 'Light of your Beauty' and cultivating  Grace – and  experience nurturing ourselves while being grounded under the umbrella of Ayurveda practices. This is the place where our natural being  - our Light - guides us into each breath. We gracefully accept this as our birthright and learn to open the channels for Spirit to vibrate beyond words and thought forms, emitting our unique signature within our surroundings and preparing us to wander the spaces ahead.

Light of Beauty is loosely translated into Sanskrit as Soundharya Prakashana


Today’s world is confusing and we’re being called to stillness as the way to rekindle a relationship with Spirit, an existence much simpler than we may imagine is possible. Yet, this simplicity is not as elusive as we think for it is the true nature of being human – being at one with that which we are made of. This is such a wonderful thing, 


At the same time, the chaos of external circumstances that has descended upon us in recent years presents challenges that interrupt the flow of this inner stillness  allowing Spirit to take its rightful place. 


Not surprisingly today’s Western world is currently trending heavily on beauty; facial toning, skin care routines, many gadgets and courses abound. During our program, we do not deny these have their value, yet trust me, use them wisely as they can become distractions from the abundance you have available when you access from within. 



  • You will be  presented with both a Western and an Eastern approach to the evolution of ‘beautiful beauty’’ from ancient to modern day times.

  • You will be encouraged to step out of the maze and into to the depths of the vibrant life force energy that is integral to your being.  In this space you stand solid on your ground and will naturally gravitate toward the simplicity of an existence in the light.

  • You will learn about the three Gunas of the Vedic path and cultivate practices to encourage full alignment.

  • We present beauty rituals and self nurturing practices from the Ayurveda tradition – ways for you to move into magical and mystical space as the energy stirs, inviting you into the gentle inner movement of revitalizing and teaming up with the Spirit within.



  • Guided visualization, new vision, movement, gratitude, laughter and joy are among the tools we will use.

  • Breathwork specific to cultivating a  new relationship with the life force energies.

  • ..and more

  • The depth of the Panchakarma rejuvenation treatments supports this work on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels. 



  • Unshakable depth and atonement with your unique portrait in the Light of your Beauty

  • Understanding the importance of Ayurveda lifestyle practices to support you

  • Practices that set up a resonance for your personal healing and that of the Ancestral DNA, the generations of the sacred mother & 13 grandmothers 

  • Ways of recognizing when our internal frequency is aligned with planetary healing and humanity’s awakening. 


Who are you?

  • You have many tools and practices to support your journey – The Light of Beauty is designed to bring you into complete alignment with all of your practices 

  • You enjoy being alive and moving deeper into practices that expand your appreciation of your beauty and how this projects out into the world.

  • You understand the importance of the Panchakarma experience and the deep healing and opportunities available to you through this journey

  • You live with a yearning, (common in today’s world, and often unconscious) to be in the place where your expression of love exceeds any desire to be more than you currently are.



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