Work One on One with Sharron


Coaching ~ Counseling

Live your life with more authenticity, courage, and happiness

In these sessions, I walk along side you, offering what the moment presents.  I explain my role as part coach and counsellor, part spiritual space holder and part healer.  You may be navigating what we call the space in between and these sessions provide a platform to gain clarity about your unique gifts and ambitions.  Gift yourself with the possibility of emerging with new levels of joy and happiness in Body | Mind | Spirit.  Freer states of being always emerge as you shed emotional “stuff” that may be clouding your vision of a rich and vibrant life. 


The sessions help you make important life decisions, move through various issues, improve your physical health and effortlessly shed emotional hurts.  

 $125 per hour.

Most of the work is done via Skype or Zoom, other platforms are also agreeable.  You might catch me in person if you live somewhere in Quebec,  email me to confirm!

Specifically Focused Intuitive Guidance


Have a specific issue you need to deal with? There are times when an impartial, wise and uplifting resource is just what you need to set you on the right path - for you!  These 45 minute Guidance and Coaching appointments may suit you perfectly. Contact me via email or give me a call, provide some background and we'll schedule you in quickly.


$90 for 45 minutes.

Coaching and Energy Therapy Program

This is an in-depth six-month training and facilitation program. My moto is -  'None of us are broken and none need to be fixed – rather finding where it hurts and learning to heal brings you real tools, real learnings that will help grow as an individual".  

Those who have come through the program  continue to evolve in depth and richness through enhanced practice in various modalities and experience.  

It is for you if you know, deep in your core that:

  • change is necessary to sustain a bright future for next generations

  • the world and those around us cannot be changed, we can only change ourselves

  • by changing ourselves, the world changes

Are you ready for change?

  • Shifting from a frame of fear to one of love, healing core issues, re-framing limiting beliefs and releasing harmful patterns

  • Healing your relationships, starting with the primary relationship with yourself

  • Expanding your consciousness and watching it’s influence on those around you

  • Stepping into your power, your uniqueness to re-discover, re-connect and experience joy and harmony in your completeness

  • This program is a combination of online with group and one on one calls.  

Investment $4800

To apply, please contact.

The Counseling Process

My passion in life is to facilitate vibrant health by working with clients to align Body | Mind | Spirit.

How do I do this?

All of us have had experiences that could be classified from wonderful to horrible. Some experiences have left what I call emotional impasses/scars/traumas that you may be aware of or not. I work with clients using various healing and mind elevating practices which enable the letting go of these emotional impasses thus facilitating higher levels of health in all areas of your life.  

What are my recognitions?

I have studied ancient healing arts, have a Masters in Life Counselling,  Graduate Metaphysical Practitioner and Energy Therapist, Third Party Neutral, Kundalini Yoga Practitioner and have various Coaching Certifications.  I am an Ayuverdic Lifestyle Specialist, Beauty and Panchakarma Therapist.  

Currently, I am a PhD Canadidate in Holistic Life Counselling with a focus on my core approach to health and healing  - Body | Mind | Spirit. 

The methodology that I use is both scientific and intuitive, I guide you into finding an ease with yourself through which you can

begin to unlock, release and re-energize areas where your past may have left you wounded or undeveloped in some way.  During the

process, areas where you have learned to excel become accentuated, adding to the richness of the experience.

Results: Accelerated healing and growth enabling higher levels of Vibrant Health based on your unique definition of what this means.  

Along with this comes an awareness of the interconnectedness of all on the planet and how you contribute to the ebb and flow of all that lives. 


T: 819-923-5980

Insurance Receipts available upon request

Professional Member AQTN - Licenced in Québec as Naturopath and Naturotherapist