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A foundational Workshop

for your health and well-being


NUTRITION is on everyone's mind these days - people want to live longer, think smarter, eat healthier, move more and feel great doing it all.


HEALTHY EATING looks different for everyone; this is one advantage of the age-old tradition of Ayurveda as it honors each of us as individuality and teaches us how to adapt to our unique needs.



Join us in this Workshop and

learn how to make it all work for you!!

A note from Sharron

I've been coaching and counselling people for many years now and invariably, the topic flows back to nutrition and how to ensure we are getting the proper nourishment. 


This introductory workshop has been designed with YOU in mind as keeping yourself informed and aligned with your Body's needs is key to your overall well being of Body|Mind|Spirit.

I love it when I can share my knowledge and experience, encouraging 

people to be well!








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If you want to feel amazing

East Meets West Nutrition for Our Times

is for you!

By the end of the workshop, you will have learned tools and lifestyle practices that

Enhance your General Well-Being and help you build a daily routine to support your growth

Determine and inform your unique body type

Discover what wholesome food really is and when it is available

Learn about Ayurveda Nutrition, a practical and simple way of eating that demystifies nutrition for you and your family

Examine the pros and cons of trendy diets - the vegan, the keto, the vegetarian, the meatarian

Cultivate a healthy relationship with Foods

Introduce you to ways of pampering your body with healing rituals and yoga

Help to address digestive Gut Issues (IBS, Colitis, Reflex & more)

Help with Weight Management

Demonstrate how Body | Mind | Spirit are an integrated team, and the role of proper nourishment

Provide you with confidence to feel what works for you

Prepare you to incorporate these practices into your life

Integrate some amazing must-have kitchen recipes into your cuisine

Provide foundational teachings that lead beyond nutrition to a happier you


East Meets West ~ Nutrition for our Times



 2.5 days (12 hours) to small groups of up to 10 people



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East Meets West ~ Nutrition for our Times

Is ALSO being offered in the following formats


For both the Individual and Online Courses, please contact Sharron directly

Individual Format: This is an individualized approach with one-on-one meetings with Sharron – either in person or online $650.  Individualized nutrition counseling can help you meet your nutrition goals and have you looking and feeling great. Contact Sharron to enrol in this


Online Course is also available for download $200. Contact Sharron to enrol in this

East Meets West Nutrition for our Times is the foundation course for Sharron’s LIFE DIVINE Teachings.


About Sharron Cosgrove

Sharron teaches the Medicine of Body|Mind|Spirit. 

Her practice is Life Divine where she beautifully  creates an alchemy of Life Counselling with Holistic Therapies.  Her gentle and captivating teaching style is engaging, uplifting and very powerful.   Shifting with the flows of our energies and the breath, she welcomes the weaving of wisdom from the scientific to the mystical; a truly divine experience!


T: 819-923-5980

Insurance Receipts available upon request

Professional Member AQTN - Licenced in Québec as Naturopath and Naturotherapist