Facial Elixir

Facial Elixir

Elixir – SHĒNA Elixir is a hydrating, nutrient dense, and soothing mist for the face and neck. Misting with an Elixir is an often overlooked, yet essential step in keeping skin looking hydrated and glowing. The ingredients are distilled hydrosols and flower waters. Your skin deserves the delight of mineral rich vitamins and antioxidants to plump and restore.


Typical Ingredients: Fleur de Rose, Fleur d'Orange
Usage: Shake product well and mist directly and generously onto clean skin, prior to a serum or balm. This can also be used as a hydrating mist throughout the day.

After cleansing or using the light Gommage, spray generously to the face and neck to tone the skin in preparation for the balm or serum.
100 mls


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