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Come dance with us for
Hope and Renewal

Saturday December 16th
6 - 8:30 p.m.

Snow Date Sunday December 17 at 2 p.m.

Elderberry Cottage, Thorne Lake, QC


It’ll soon be Winter Solstice night, a very special time to celebrate in community this beautiful evening 

that comes but once per year!


Join Sharron Cosgrove and friends for an evening of Sacred Circle Dance and

ritual inspired by holistic Yule traditions.

We will connect with the deep roots of the soul and join together in a

ceremony for renewal and hope honouring

the roots and significance of the Winter Solstice.


The return of the light signifies a time of rebirth and new beginnings,

in perfect concert with the opportunity for humanity's collective commitment to peace.


In ceremony we will  be showered in the frequencies of Divine Light and Peace that will 

shine on our brothers and sisters.  


Come join in as we activate a wellspring of vibrant energy for a

year of worldwide healthy transformation in 2024.


Suggested Donation $15 per person. 

Goodies and refreshments served.

Dress appropriately as we will dance outside snow or shine

RSVP with Sharron by
Wednesday December 13th 2023


What is the Winter Solstice ?

Winter solstice is an astronomical phenomenon, which marks

the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Winter solstice occurs for the Northern Hemisphere in December and for the Southern Hemisphere in June. 


The Winter Solstice in Ottawa, Canada 2023 is on Thursday, December 21, 2023, at 10:27 P.M. EST


Since the beginning of time as we know it, the Winter Solstice celebrates the return of hope to our land as our planet experiences the first slow turn toward greater daylight. Soon we will welcome the return of the sun and the coming of springtime. As we do so, let us remember and embrace the positive, enriching aspects of winter's darkness.


As the Winter Solstice approaches in the north, we notice the changes: the days of light are shorter, the darkness is longer, the weather is cold, the trees are bare, and snow is often on the ground. John Matthews, who has lectured widely on Celtic and Arthurian traditions, has written this lyrical passage about Winter Solstice:


"The Solstice is a time of quietude, of firelight, and dreaming, when seeds germinate in the cold earth, and the cold notes of church bells mingle with the chimes of icicles. Rivers are stilled and the land lies waiting beneath a coverlet of snow. We watch the cold sunlight and the bright stars, maybe go for walks in the quiet land. . . .

All around us the season seems to reach a standstill — a point of repose."


On the Winter Solstice we have arrived at the longest night, when the power of the Sun

is at its lowest point. From this point of Solstice onward, the Sun will experience a "rebirth" ...

Each day will see more and more sunlight from this Solstice until Summer Solstice,

when solar influence will be at its peak.


We can all benefit from attention paid to our home planet and to her relationship with the cosmos beyond. Solstice is not about worshipping particular gods or goddesses.

It is about life itself, a time express our gratitude for the gifts of light and life.


We must remember that winter darkness has a positive side to it. As we gather to celebrate the first turn from winter to spring, we are invited to recognize and honour the beauty in the often unwanted season of winter. Let us invite our hearts to be glad for the courage winter proclaims. Let us be grateful for the wisdom winter brings in teaching us about the need for withdrawal as an essential part of renewal of ongoing life. Let us also encourage our spirits as Earth prepares to come forth from this time of withdrawal into a season filled with light.

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