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Sharron is a Life Guide, Counsellor and Teacher 
helping you to raise
your spirit to vibrant health and radiant beauty

About me

My work is a weave of a few different paths, having taken shape nicely over the years, it has become, or I have become what it all is today!


I am trained as a Life Counsellor, and ordained as a Minister of Metaphysics, providing  Life Celebrations and Ceremonies.   Several other recognitions provide breadth and depth to my work. 

At Elderberry Cottage and abroad, clients come for spiritual guidance, to connect with Ayurveda teachings and receive frequency therapy; a lot of this work is done online.  During the year,  I host retreats and programs to explore health, true freedom and creative living models. 

Individuals and businesses who seek me out are primarily those ready for deeper authenticity and connection, be it personal or in business.  Coaches & facilitators interested in metaphysics and holistic practices are always welcome.

There is ongoing interest in speaking at conferences and of facilitating community-building sessions.  

In the clinic at Elderberry Cottage on Thorne, other services include health support through the ancient Ayurveda approach to health and nutrition.   In recent years I've begun working with Bioresonnance technology and have regular and growing clientele for those interested in optimizing their health and wellness.


I love to walk the forest, create Celtic mandalas, and dance to ancient music. 

I love that our paths are twisted and turned, sometimes gnarled along the way.

Sharron's work distinguishes itself from others as her work is a fine weave of years of experience, a keen intuition, clairvoyance and clear mystical connections.  She works with ancient Vedic philosophies marrying these with a view on modern times. 

Ken, Commissionaire of Oaths, Calgary 2015

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