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SHĒNA Beauty Formulations was borne out of a journey of self-discovery leading to a love of our Sacred Earth and its inhabitants! 


Having grown up in the earthy vibration of the forest, as I grew into my teen years there was an attraction to the allure of the beauty industry where much experiment always left me with irritated skin.  As I matured into a young mother with two children born with chronic asthma, there was continual discomfort with the heavy odours of medication and frequent trips to the hospital.  This led to the study of herbology over forty years ago and set the stage for a journey that I look back upon with appreciation and thankfulness.  


The tales my adult children will recount today are of fearfully entering places of business with many people speaking strangely and many "dead things" hanging from the ceiling – Asian, in particular the Chinese herb stores in Ottawa Canada at the time were few and far between!  Through this process, we learned how to heal ourselves and continue to do so today. 

The Study of the Ancient Vedas and Ayurvedic Medicine led me on a deeper and rich exploration of traditional plant-based knowledge.  The proper intake of foods and the use of carefully crafted beauty products as medicine intrigued me as I experienced enhancements to my health and life.  I was deepening into the experience of “from the outside skin surface of my body to the inner core”.    


Many years later, as my experience and education working with holistic healing and energy therapies of higher levels of spirit,  I was also embodying (and preaching) the philosophy that what we put into our bodies, and how we treat our bodies from the outside to the inside and vice-versa are indicators of how we can maintain healthy and joyful lives.  

And thus, the SHĒNA Beauty Product line was born several decades ago - plant based therapy for the skin while protecting the bounty of our Mother Earth.  The formulas that I have been gifted with are based on the ancient yet adopted to the modern day.  As I continue to perfect these formulations, I've come to realize the body's need to be nurtured to allow its natural balance and healing capacities to come to the forefront. 


Each product is formulated in small batches - Organic oils, many infused with wildflowers and herbs gathered from my sacred land.  The last step in product preparation is a showering of each item with the therapeutic benefits of the Solfeggio frequencies.   



Notes:  There are no preservatives except for vitamin E.  All the products should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place (refrigeration is the best). Use within 8 months of opening. I avoid using my fingers in the containers and rather use a small spoon. 


Although a solid product, the items are continually being tested and upgraded.  The ingredient lists that you will find are typical – there are sometimes adjustments; current ingredients are noted on the product labelling. 

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