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The Spirit of Aging Program

This 8 week program offers a delightful exploration of the
Adventure of our Spirit Within

through the various ages and stages of a lifetime

​Emerge, having

Engaged in structured process exploring
past &present experience


Moved beyond current patterning to a vital future


Empowered yourself  to embrace upcoming years
in creative flow


Evaluated your relationship with time to support
commitments & well being


Aligned to intergenerational relationships framing family culture


Cultivated Healthy Aging practices through Ancient Healing practices


Special Bonus Offering
Touching Divine Nature - 2 weeks

We begin with a free live call on November 1.  This is open to all, an  Online Teleconference to introduce the Program.  During our hour together, we will explore the ages and stages of the lifetime and how we've emerged as we are today.  Sharron will introduce you to concepts of well-being  drawn from Ancient Practices that are very valid today


Course Registration opens after the call and closes Midnight November 3rd

The Schedule

  • At the beginning of each week you will receive the week's Lesson as well as download material and the weekly meditation

  • Live Call on Wednesday November 1, then meets

  • Online Teleconference to introduce each Lesson on Tuesday at 8  p.m. EST

  • Every Second Friday, we meet at 2 p.m. EST for a Q & A Session

  • 8th Module delivered on  January 2nd

  • Two Bonus Weeks follow - Touching Divine Spirit January 9 & 16 




8 modules of learning, plus 2 extra modules Touching Divine Nature



 Module 1 

What is Beauty?

Let's talk about  Inner Beauty

Realigning with your Vision of Beauty

 Embracing Your Uniqueness 

Meditation for self-alignment

Body's natural rhythms & balance

Regaining Control

Module 2 


Let's talk about Healthy Eating Routines & Habits

Foods for the Seasons

Dieting vs Cleansing vs Detoxification


Module 3 

Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda

Three Doshas

Assessing your Ayurveda Self

Know your Body type, Emotional Type

Your Unique Beauty

Foods to feed Your Beauty


Module 4

Let's talk Body Self Care

Self Massage

Cleansing of the Passages

Oral Self Care

Ancient Beauty Recipes

Beauty Sleep

Module 5 

Let's talk Lifestyle 

Your Inner Beauty

Dinacharya - Daily Routine

Movement & Meditation

Easeful Living

Breathing Techniques


T: 819-923-5980

Insurance Receipts available upon request

Professional Member AQTN - Licenced in Québec as Naturopath and Naturotherapist