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Cleanse & Renew
April 16 - May 6   2021


Cleanse & Renew Program




April 16 - May 6 2021



Are you feeling like it's time for a change, a sense of new emergence?

Perfect Timing Cleanse and Renew is set during in the Spring

when the body is reorganizing for the shift in seasons.  

During Springtime in our northern climate the body is moving from the cold dry

Winter season (the Vata season)

into the sluggish and watery period (the Kapha season),

when the ice and snow are melting, and waters begin to run freely.  
As we navigate through this period, the body goes through a sluggish stage, as it is yearning for a renewed energy and

prime to shed itself of any congestion or toxicity it may have taken on during the Winter months.  


Click here to read about some of the signs that your body may want some TLC



Are you prepared to treat yourself? 
...if so what's in it for you?


Here's your opportunity for cleansing stress, trauma and limiting beliefs.
To welcome new beginnings with a renewed sense of Body|Mind|Spirit. 
Gain a sense of well-being and empowerment.
Learn new skills that continue to inform your nutrition and well-being.
Attune to your body's needs and the earth’s seasonal rhythms.
This is a small group format with a maximum number of 15 participants.





Here's what's included in the Perfect Timing package


Private Appointment with Sharron to determine your

optimum cleanse choices dependent on your

body's constitutional placement (Dosha) 

at this time

(value $200)

Access to a Member's Area where you will find

Specific resources for each body type

Self-care practices for cleansing and renewal of the

Mind and Spirit through:


Life-long immunity building practices

Life-long nutritional practices to nurture your uniqueness

Meditations and physical activity recommendations

Primers on cleansing, cleaning and renewing living spaces

Sharron as your guide throughout


Once enrolled there is opportunity for

further coaching appointments

  through to May 21

for participants $65 (value $180 per hour)


Weekly group e-mails
Weekly email check-ins with each participant
Availability to address questions by email at other times
Weekly group virtual meeting - recordings will be in the Members' Area
Members' Area for Resources; recipes, how-to's
Special wind-down virtual meeting 




Special Bonuses 
(for paid registrations received between March 19 and April 6th)


The moment you sign up, you will begin to receive cleansing information. 

We can immediately begin to determine the best cleanse option for you.

Virtual meeting on April 6th with advance 'shift into cleanse mode' recommendations


For those enrolling between March 19th to April 14th, virtual weekly
Movement and Meditation Classes (Tuesday evenings)


Investment $325 Cad


Enroll Here

Any questions?

Let's set up some chat time!

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