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Embracing Grace

So now that you are prepared to register...


Follow the guide


Step by Step   

1.  Email to Sharron and arrange phone call to speak about your interest in Embracing Grace and your background in Ayurveda.
2. Register for the Retreat and submit Deposit

Second Step - There is a $500 deposit required to hold your spot in the Embracing Grace retreat.

3. Consultation with Dr. Shamna

The next step is to book consultation with Dr. Shamna to discuss your health history.  This booking is done through Sharron.  The fee is $130 Can, for the full consultation and  recommendations for which treatment package is appropriate for you.


Why the fee if you are participating in the retreat?  

This is the cost of the consultation and of Dhanwantari Ayurveda opening a client file for you.  With the file opening, you become their client.


4. Ensure your Canadian Passport is up to date and meets India's  entry requirements.  


5. Apply for your Indian Visa

Research and prepare your Indian E-Visa application. - Note:  Please ensure you access the application procedure through the Indian Consulate Pages to avoid fraudulent sites.



Note:  Under consular Services, find E-Visa on right hand side of page

6.  Book your Flight(s) to India 

There will be regular calls about most advantageous airfare bookings, in-country connections, etc.   

Bookings and Travel are done individually.  We meet in Kannur at the Seashell Haris Beach Home

7.  Consider joining the Fall Cleanse 2023 in October, or the Docuseries - The Light of Beauty

8. Join Zoom calls with Facilitator. Zoom calls will be held regularly to share information regarding plane fare, travels in India, what to bring, etc. 

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