So, your dream is now reality.  An independent woman, running her own show 

 CONGRATULATIONS, this is awesome!

A few months in the excitement still fills the air and you are so proud of your new endeavour.  

A few months later, you're noticing the laundry piling up, the kids homework not getting done and a general feeling of overwhelm is setting in...

Goodness, what to do?  I've got solutions that will help you regain control, move back into the love space and move forward with the ease and confidence you require to sustain yourself and shift to new levels of  happiness and grace.

By revisiting your values, by holding space as you re-evaluate and make choices, we can begin to realign your current situation to your initial dreams and aspirations.  


Everyone gains from the exercise; as well you develop the skill to shift, evolve and continue along your path as things come up.

Join us May 14th, 6:30 to 9 p.m. - Wakefield Community Centre, Wakefield Quebec


About Sharron Cosgrove

Sharron teaches the Medicine of Body|Mind|Spirit. 

Her practice is Life Divine where she beautifully  creates an alchemy of Life Counselling with holistic living  - ancient ways in modern times.  Her gentle and captivating teaching style is engaging, uplifting and very powerful.   Shifting with the flows of our energies and the breath, she welcomes the weaving of wisdom from the scientific to the mystical;

a truly divine experience!

Insurance Receipts available upon request

Professional Member AQTN - Licenced in Québec as Naturopath and Naturotherapist


T: 819-923-5980