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Meditation & Movement

Shawville, Qc

Join the Movement!

Classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19.


What is Meditation & Movement? 


There is little variation between meditation while moving and passive meditation. The intention of both is the same – as Osho says “to empty the mind and help you strengthen your inner witness.”


Traditionally, meditation has been practiced through passive sitting and observing the breath, body, and mind. This meditation technique is known as Vipassana and it is said it was devised by the Buddha 2,500 years ago. Life was closer to nature then and it seems the times were less stressful with culture having a heart-centered frame of mind.  


Today in the Western world, life is face-paced, and we live with the overwhelming impact of instant information arriving through electromagnetic fields and mega downloads at lightning speeds.   We are now witnessing the physical and emotional issues that fall out of this and a rapid health decline of folk in some parts of the world.  For many, it is difficult to quiet the mind through passive sitting with the ever-growing preoccupations.    


The classes


This series of classes encourages the flow of one’s natural body rhythm through movement, along with the joyful bliss of mindful meditation.  Meditation invokes a shift in consciousness, whether in stillness or motion. Combined with guided movement practices, we gain body awareness and the authenticity of being at one with our unique bodies and the spirit that dwells within.


It is a physically active form of meditation that blends posture, movement, dance and stillness with the breath.  Don’t let this frighten you, the physical end of the class begins gently, and each participant chooses the pace that is sustainable for them.  All are welcome to this class!


As the world is awakening to celebrate the perfect imperfections of each individual, Meditation and Movement offers infinite possibilities for nurturing our inner story and improving our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


While releasing accumulated stress from the body and mind, exploring balance, coordination and agility, the classes improves physical strength while helping to reduce pain – a natural place for heightened self-observation.  With time for relaxation and inner stillness, the senses are tuned, leaving you feeling more centered, more grounded, stronger and taller.


It is easy, enjoyable and will help you reach an experience of pure consciousness and inner wisdom, some say more quickly than passive meditation.  Through observation and inquiry, we open the space for curiosity, offering gentle de-patterning of long held postures and emotional tension.  


All classes are 1.5 hrs and feature a warm-up, time spent playing with a new concept and skill, and time to cool down and meditate.  There is breath, sound, dance, free movement and relaxation.


This practice has been inspired by Sharron’s seasoned yoga and meditation practice, dance, the meditative walking techniques of Thich Nhat Hanh. as well as Osho’s techniques.


Your engagement ensures that the positive shifts in health through body awareness proceed at a pace that is uniquely suited to you. 



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