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 What they've said over time




February 2018

I have been seeing Sharron since November 2017, The time is spent on theory and practice – breathing techniques, visualisations, clearing and healing techniques. Ever since our first meeting she is always very present and available between our sessions. During our sessions she always listen very carefully and makes me feel comfortable to speak my mind and open on more difficult past or present situations. She has helped me a lot on changing my perception, my feelings and the way I live my day to day life. My anger, pains and frustrations are now in my past life, all that with breathing, clearing and more.


Recently I had some close to me who wasn’t feeling well at all. I book a session with Sharron and after just one visit I could see a huge change in mood and general attitude. After three sessions, my father is almost back to his normal self and continues to meet with Sharron by Skype.


I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to enhance their life! 


Elisabeth Zenker, Astrologer



Sharron is delightful, intuitive, heartfelt, synchronistic …. a beautiful meld of insights bringing forth realizations for the here and now … and after our last session together, I feel I am still gaining understanding which is marvelous!  I simply love hanging out with her - she helps my heart to sing!” Elizabeth, Astrologer.  Thank you, Sharron!!


Ewa Danuta Bialek Ph. D.


Author of "Quantum Man" and more

Psychosynthesist, Life/Health Coach


I participated in coaching sessions with Sharron. I found them very fruitful for me, deeply relaxing, also leading me to the core of the problem. Each session brought me new insights, new understanding of the problem which I brought to the session. Although I am familiar with many techniques of healing, Sharron brought into the sessions new one, sharing her skills, guidance with wisdom and gentleness.

I like this kind of sessions and appreciate a lot her work and recommend it warmly.


Ivan Hughes



Sharron is a uniquely gifted professional who combines writing expertise, social leadership and visionary entrepreneurship. The future of both the public service and the community is bright as long as people like Sharron are there to make it happen. If you're a talented and proven professional, seek out the opportunity to work with Sharron -- you will be grateful. If you're an investor, strategic partner or seek life coaching, then stop reading this and get on the Sharron Cosgrove train while you can.


Francine, M.A.



Sharron started coaching me as I was transitioning into a new chapter of my life. Her warm and insightful approach helped me release limiting beliefs that were holding me back from taking action on my goals. Drawing on her knowledge of Kundalini yoga, she also taught me how to use the power of my breath to experience peace and clarity. This is a welcomed gift that I truly value.





Coaching with Sharron has been a delight and very inspirational. She has the wonderful ability to draw out your thoughts through a gentle, respectful process that brings much clarity to those thoughts. From there, she moves you deeper to translate those thoughts into realisable actions. It is an amazing flow guiding you to your goals. Many thanks and blessings,  





I was very impressed with Sharron's warmth and skill at facilitating.

I have experienced Sharron's fine facilitation skills twice-as the facilitator of a focus group for CEDEC and of a working group in a Creative Economy workshop.  Both times I felt included, heard and  fully engaged in the process.  She has a delightful and respectful sense of humour and is very skilled at listening and synthesizing what the participants contribute.  I so appreciated how she drew in the quieter members of the group, and kept our discussion moving along.  I left our sessions feeling inspired and empowered.






What I enjoy most of all are the exchanges I have on a variety of subjects with Sharron.  She has a way of encouraging frank discussions and allowing oneself to take a candid look and accept and appreciate who we were, who we have become and which path we choose to take on our next journey.




The experience was beyond my expectations.  My life has really taken off as a result of these teachings from Sharron.


I’ve gained self-awareness, confidence, and an array of tools for me to continue my quest of mind body and sould healing. I gathered loads of useful skills to help me along my path to personal evolution, deepening my overall experience of life and relationships too!


Sharron has taught me to be better in all I do.  I have learned to hone my skills of self awareness, to have deeper levels of consciousness, and not always needing to find immediate answers.  I recommend Sharron to anyone looking to go to another level of their evolution and enhance their existing lives.


Sharron’s training was a deep and profound experience for me.  My soul reached a higher level of awareness and the connection with Higher Power is stronger and greater now.  I am inspired to continue my inner work and to see the world with an open heart.  But most of all, the true blessing was to finally move from fear to love.  It is so wonderful to live from that place.  





Working with Sharron has been a true blessing. Right from the beginning, when we first met,, I could feel the energy shifting and a  powerful healing coursing throughout my body, and into my entire being. Her sage counsel and bright intuition helped me make some simple changes in my diet and lifestyle which led to profound improvements in a number of painful and annoying symptoms I had been experiencing for years! The follow-up care and counselling deepened the healing, reinforced my own sense of what I needed to become healthier, and initiated a soothing course of self-care that has had lasting implications, not only in my physical body but also in my beliefs, my emotions, my mind and my soul. 


She is truly a gifted, caring, wise healer, and I would highly recommend her services! 





Confused and scared at 57 yrs old. With Sharron’s perception and genuine approach I immediately began a very natural process of self-discovery. She facilitated our discussions, yet was detached and kept out of the way as I re-found myself on a surer footing. Her enthusiasm toward my growth has helped me through the rough times - I will continue to work with Sharron until I am fully comfortable with my new direction. Thank you Sharron for this gift you share! John, Washington, D.C 

What they have said about Sharron's Training Programs

“I had been feeling really burnt out for the last while and tried a lot of different things that weren’t helping.  By following Sharron’s curriculum and learning strategies to incorporate into my day, things started coming together for me in a really short period – its amazing!”  Julie N., Manhattan, USA

“I so much enjoyed this Life Divine Aligned program which helped me to put things into perspective about the self-care I require to feel great!  Really taught me how important it is to start my day with some cool practices.  I’ll use these for the rest of my life – they help me feel good”.  Alicia M., Montreal, Canada

“Super well delivered with loads of information that is simple and easy to do every day – the bonus of a 45 minute consultation with Sharron was really helpful and covered a lot of ground quickly”. Mark M, Ottawa, Canada

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