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Sacred Dance

Welcome to the world of Sacred Dance

I first began dancing in 1993 in Chelsea, Quebec at a weekend where the late June Watts hosted a retreat.  It was magnificent, and opened my world in so many ways.  

Along the way, I danced with June numerous times as well as other remarkable teachers.  I left the dance practice s here and there, yet somehow it remained as an anchor and in the early 2000's I realized the practice was no longer something way out there, it had made its way into the core of how I celebrated life.

There were times when I felt it did not fit with my life and practices of Ayurveda, Spirituality and  Energy therapies yet with full embrace the Dance holds space for every practice that is wholesome and grounded with Mother Earth's energy.

Now in my Elder years I'm so grateful for this element and I feel deeply that this tradition can be mentored along to others.  

And so we begin...

Sacred Circle Dance

History of the Dance

What has become known as Sacred Circle Dance
(a collection of traditional and not so traditional dances)
is a grass roots phenomenon which is practiced 

around the World.  Although the Dance was recognized as Sacred Circle Dance in the mid 1970's, its roots date back to the beginning of time when peoples of all cultures dance and sang as they celebrated their daily lives.


As I write this in April of 2024, I've been in India for the past several weeks and it seems each day there is dancing and music in the streets in celebration of another holy festival.  

Sacred Circle Dance has become especially interesting for facilitators of dance therapy,

of womens  & mens’ circles, for people who enjoy the ceremony of the dance and appreciate how it

cultivates the energy of community and deepens our connection to Mother Earth.

There is no simple answer to explain the history of Sacred Circle Dance.

While some trace it to the seeds of Bernard Wosien, a 

modern ballet dancer in Europe in the  middle of this century, others trace it to

Findhorn in Scotland, one of the communities to which 

Bernard brought the dances.


Others won't settle that the Sacred Dance is of recent times and will trace the dance through

ancient times to the gnostic and mystic ways,  through sufism and teachers like Rumi

and continuing back through time.


For sure, we know that dance has been used as celebration since ancient times.  

What a better way to connect and cultivate community and inter community connections

than with this beautiful practice

Many of the dances and steps that are used in today’s 

Sacred Circle Dance date far back in time.  Some other

dances are modern music, choreographed by 

dance facilitators around the world.

Let me explain how I’m approaching the teaching of the dances  

I feel it’s time to mentor the tradition to others. Many hours over many years in workshop, in practice retreat, and organizing seasonal dance ceremonies  have contributed to the experience that I hold.  


Moving forward, I'll be offering advance training for each of the 4 yearly dances that I offer - Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice.  There may be some in between.  


For those enrolled we practice online for 6 weeks in advance for a small fee.

I share the dances and steps we will use for the session, and offerings drawing from my ceremonial training.  Participants learn the details of the dance, which I often refer to as ritual, and much more that is relevant to the tradition.  This approach allows participants to begin bonding through the intricacies of the practice and to begin building their dance libraries.  


The Celebration will be offered to the general public for a fee (of course, there is no charge for participants in the program).

As Dancers we will organize the dance offering, and the tasks will be split among the group.

NOTE:  For those interested,  this is not a one-time offering.  
It takes many years and many hours to build your resilience with the practice and to build your dance libraries.  
It is not mandatory for participants to sign up for each of the seasonal offerings, yet for those committed, it is a good plan. 

I'll also add that this offering is made with the intention of offering the Sacred Circle Dance tradition to those interested in keeping such a vibrant tradition intact as we evolve into this New Earth.  

It is time for us to keep these precious traditions alive and well,
creating foundations for the imprint of ancestral memory
for our children and generations to come.

Summer Solstice 2024

Sacred Circle Dance 

6-week Practice Session begins! 

For those wishing to move deeply into the Sacred Circle Dance tradition, join us for the weekly practice to learn the tradition, the dances,

and the elements of preparing for and offering ceremony.

Dates May 14, 21, 27, June 3, 10, 17  

7:30 to 8:45 pm

Fee $75

Access to Zoom with full camera is required. There will be no Zoom recordings 


These practice sessions are online with the possibility of

in-person for the final date of practice on June 17th.


The Dance and Ceremony will be held at

Elderberry Cottage 6:30 – 9:30

The dance Celebration is on Saturday June 22, 2024

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