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Nutrition and Lifestyle
for our times

NUTRITION is on everyone's mind these days - people want to live longer,

think smarter, eat healthier, move more and feel great doing it all.


HEALTHY EATING looks different for everyone; this is one advantage of the age-old tradition of Ayurveda as it honors each of us as individuals and teaches us how to adapt to our unique needs.


The Workshop is largely based on the Ayurveda tradition.  It also introduces modern-day practices to feed the Body|Mind|Spirit.  When all three these aspects of our being are in balance, we find equanimity in the mind, spaciousness in the body and a luminous spirit.  


With continued practice, we are in alignment with our true nature, are well-nourished, well-rounded in our wholeness and catching glimpses of the divine potential each of us possess.

What will you  learn in this workshop?

  • Fundamentals of timeless nutrition from an Ayurveda perspective

  • Your unique body type and the nutritional profile that suits you

  • The long-term benefits of combining nutrition and lifestyle changes and habits

  • How food works to provide the body's fuel 

  • The concept of digestive fire - Agni - and how to make this work for you

  • A simple approach to combining foods

  • An unbeatable approach to living well and eating well as the seasons change

  • Develop awareness and cherish the uniqueness of you!

Some of the many benefits of East' West





East & West Nutrition for our Times is the Sharron’s foundation course for Teachings.



Join us in this Workshop and 

learn how to make it all work for you!!


The Workshop is offered in the following formats


Group Format:  This is a Workshop format, consisting of 2.5 days (12 hours) to small groups of up to 10 people = $295.00


Individual Format: This is an individualized approach with one-on-one meetings with Sharron – either in person or online $720.  Individualized nutrition counseling can help you meet your nutrition goals and have you looking and feeling great. 


Online Course is now being offered in group format $295.




  • Enhance your General Well-Being 

  • Help you build a daily routine to support your health

  • Show you to care for your uniqueness

  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with Foods

  • Address the subject of digestive Issues 

  • Help with Weight Management

  • Build confidence about your needs 

  • Practice  incorporateing new practices into your life