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Nutrition and Lifestyle
for our times

NUTRITION is always on everyone's mind  - people want to live longer,

think smarter, eat healthier, move more, and feel great doing it all.

Collectively we are realizing the importance of having a nutritional base connected to

the rhythms of  Mother Earth.

HEALTHY EATING  looks different for everyone; this is one advantage of the age-old tradition of Ayurveda as it honours each of us as individuals and teaches us how to adapt to our unique needs.  Our current times have placed an added stress on our bodies and keeping up can be challenging.  Returning to the basics of the natural rhythms of the earth and of our bodies is a proven way to build health and resilience. 

The EAST'WEST Course is a life-changing experience, largely based on the Ayurveda tradition.  It has both a knowledge base and an experiential component so that you are ensured to finish feeling empowered and understanding how your body feels when it is honoured with the right mix of foods and lifestyle practices.  It also introduces modern-day practices to feed the Body|Mind|Spirit.  When all three of these aspects of our being are in balance, we find equanimity in the mind, spaciousness in the body and we truly experience the luminosity of our spirit.  


One of the bonuses of this kind of personal and in depth learning and experience is that with continued practice, we continue to move deeper into alignment with our true nature while we shed old patterns. This helps in aligning us more and more with the transformative power of being well-nourished and well-rounded in our wholeness.  This is when we begin to first catch glimpses, then gradually we realize we are feeling aligned with the divine potential that is truly who we are!  

What will you learn and. experience in this course?

  • Fundamentals of timeless nutrition from an Ayurveda perspective

  • Fundamentals of the Ayurveda path and its unique perspective on the body and how to nurture it into a lifetime of wellness.

  • Comparison of the Ayurveda versus the Western approach to nutrition and lifestyle

  • Your unique body type and the nutritional profile that suits and nurtures you through the seasons

  • The long-term benefits of combining nutrition and lifestyle changes and habits

  • How food works to provide the body's fuel 

  • The concept of digestive fire - Agni - and how to make this work for you as you move through the wheel of the year and the ages of life

  • A simple approach to combining foods

  • Strategies to keep your system optimized through the highs and lows you encounter in everyday living 

  • An unbeatable approach to living well and eating well as the seasons change

  • The course is designed to prompt you into developing your awareness and cherishing the uniqueness of you!

Some of the many benefits of East' West





East'West Nutrition is Sharron’s foundation course for other teachings.



Join us in this course and 

learn how to make it all work for you!!

Express your Interest  

Contact Sharron to set up a chat

The course is offered in the following formats:


Group Format:  This is an online group workshop format, for small groups of up to 10 people = $675.00 per person.  The group meets online once a week for six weeks.  Daily emails and there is also an individualized aspect as I'm available to support each member as required, by email or phone.  Express interest by contacting Sharron. 


Individual Format: This is an individualized approach with one-on-one meetings with Sharron – either in person or online $900.  The course involves both Ayurveda basic learnings and individualized nutrition coaching to help you meet your nutrition goals and have you looking and feeling great.  This course involves 20+ hours of training.  Sharron is available to address questions between calls in this format.


Combo:  the Nutritional Therapy Program component and a Panchakarma program with treatments. that includes a cleansing process   To be discussed and based each individual's needs.  



  Please contact Sharron Cosgrove 


  • Enhance your general Well-Being 

  • Help you build a daily routine to support your health

  • Show you to care for your uniqueness

  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with food and your eating habits

  • Address the subject of digestive issues 

  • Help with weight management

  • Build confidence about your needs 

  • Practice  incorporateing new practices into your life

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