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Curious about Panchakarma Treatments?

This is a brief overview of Panchakarma.

Panchakarma treatments are the pillar of health and well-being in the Ayurveda tradition. It is also the pillar on which the majority of Ayurvedic therapies are practiced.

Panchakarma Treatments purify the Body and Mind

In the Ayurveda tradition, wellbeing relies on our ability to completely process all parts of life, absorbing what supports us and disposing of the rest. Over time, and in a modern-day lifestyle, toxins accumulate and can aggravate body tissues, causing imbalance.

Panchakarma is a cleansing treatment that follows the prescriptions of the early texts of Ayurveda. modern-day treatments are based upon an ancient procedure, exquisitely designed to purify the body. The ancient texts describe it as releasing what is no longer

serving the body and re-establishing the body's natural healing ability.

There are several stages to a Panchakarma program. In the Embracing Grace Program, Dr. Shamna skillfully establishes a program for each individual and determines the treatments involved.

Treatments are a specialized combinations of massage, saunas, rest and foods, designed for the body to rekindle its capacity to heal and allowing room for the restoration of natural balance.

Emerging from a Panchakarma program, one may see changes on mental, physical, and emotional levels. It’s possible that imbalances in the individual are stabilized and brought to equilibrium.

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