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Why on earth do we cleanse?

Why Do An Ayurvedic Cleanse?

The purpose of any Ayurvedic Cleanse is to rid your body of Ama, or toxins. Simply put, Ama is the by-product of incomplete digestion. Sticky, white, and foul-smelling, it forms in the digestive tract when the food you eat is not digested properly.

Left unchecked, it can travel from your digestive tract to any weak area elsewhere in the body and settle there, disrupting the flow of nutrients within the body. In the Ayurveda tradition, toxins within the body can form a breeding ground for disease.

Ayurveda considers regular internal cleansing crucial for good health. Although the body has its own systems for elimination of impurities, oftentimes in a fast-paced world, the body needs encouragement.

Briefly, there are seasonal cleanses in the Spring and Fall and overarching these is the Panchakarma program, a deeper, more profound cleanse.

You can do an Ayurvedic cleanse at any time of year; ideally at the change of seasons Fall and Spring.

The Spring cleanse happens at the time when your body naturally begins to cast off impurities accumulated over the winter months and in the northern hemisphere, it is shedding the weight of the past winter.

The Fall cleanse arrives at a time when the body has experienced the summer heat, the time when we normally gravitate to enjoying lighter and spicier foods. Then, alas, as the seasons flow, the body begins to align for a cooler and dryer season. This is the perfect time to purify the body of the heat accumulated over the summer season, creating an environment for the heavier, denser foods that will accompany you through the winter months.

Ayurveda’s Panchakarma program

Overarching the seasonal cleanses, Ayurveda’s Panchakarma program is the ultimate in purification. Along with seasonal cleanses that keep the body toned, the age-old Panchakarma is unparalleled in its uniqueness. Working with a seasoned Ayurveda practitioner or doctor, each individual is assessed, and a personalized program is designed to suit their uniqueness. Read more about Panchakarma.

So, what’s the difference between an Ayurveda program and other cleanses.

Ayurveda cleanses use the Body’s Own Intelligence and are safe, gentle, and employ your body's natural detoxification systems, including the digestion, kidneys, urine, skin, lymph, and liver. The procedure is never harsh or forceful—instead, it simply supports and enhances your body's innate ability to purify itself.

Working with the uniqueness of your body’s biology, all of your body's natural purification systems are brought into the process, bringing your systems and channels into balance.

By following the prescriptions of your Ayurvedic Dosha (bio-energy centre), cleanses take care not to disturb the Doshas, the bodily tissues, or flow of the bodily wastes. They also support the health of the large and small channels that provide the path for toxins to leave the body, so that embedded impurities, once loosened, can be flushed out of your body completely and quickly.

If you have never done a cleansing program before, ideally you can begin with a gentle purification program. As well, it’s always recommended you work with an experienced practitioner.

Oh, let's not forget - Ayurveda cleanses always come with recommendations for gentle exercising and yoga, meditation and therapies such as the Abhyanga massage!

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