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Embracing Grace

February 3, 2024

Kannur, India

on the Arabian Sea

As we navigate these profoundly beautiful years, we are sometimes overjoyed with the emergent positives and at

other times we are disillusioned and disheartened at the chaos that seems never ending.  


You journey to meet up with us in India - arriving into the tranquil environment by the Arabian Sea, near to Kannur India where you are held safely as you find new levels of health and rejuvenation on all levels. 


At the same time, you are reclaiming space, presenting you with the opportunity to recalibrate your value systems and your relationship with your beauty. In this reclaimed space, we connect with a  future encompassing much more than seemed feasible in the past decades. 


Embracing Grace, a woman's retreat is the three-part journey that begins within this space.


The three-part journey comprises:

                                        1.  the guided visioning process of the Embracing Grace retreat being led by

Sharron Cosgrove.  

You will delve into your relationship with the Light of your Beauty

and its companion  Grace.  

You will move deeply into  nurturing yourself while being held within the

embrace of Ayurveda practices.

You will discover the place within where your natural being  

- your Light - guides you into each breath.  


                                       2.  a rejuvenating and recalibrating 15-day Panchakarma healing program being

led by Dr. Shamna Prajiht and her team.

3.  Victoria Lynes leads daily yoga, movement and meditation.


Embracing Grace is your guide as you experience a

returning to your deepest core instinct and knowing!

An opportunity to truly experience your “Heaven on Earth”

Meet your facilitators

Your Retreat

Who is this retreat suited for

You are serious about your physical health, and 

  • would like to experience a health and rejuvenation program in the traditional Ayurveda fashion

  • have a background in or exposure to  Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle practices

  • recognize the benefits of working directly with traditional Ayurveda doctors

  • would enjoy immersing yourself in these practices on a lovely seaside 'beach home' in Kannur India

  • prepared to spend advance time in preparing your body for the Panchakarma program

You would enjoy allowing space for your mind  to rest, and

  • unplugging from the western world for a few weeks

  • spending time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life


You're called to a guided visioning journey with

  • daily yoga, movement and meditative practices

  • visioning  practices enticing you to move deeply into grace and beauty

  • integration of your existing and newly acquired spiritual  practices

  • 'The Light of Beauty' practices - Soundharya  Prakashana,   

  • learnings and experiencing the benefits of Vedic nurturing rituals in your everyday life

Learn about
Cleansing and Panchakarma
Learn about the
Fall Cleanse 2023
Sharron's Blog

You are in good hands

Your Doctor

Dr. Shamna Prajith, Dhanwanthari Ayurveda

Your Accommodations


Your Retreat Facilitator
Sharron Cosgrove

Ayurveda Practitioner and Nutritionalist, Spiritual Counselor and Bioresonance....more

Retreat Support
Victoria Lynes

Certified Yoga. Teacher, Mindfulness Educator, Mandala Artist/Teacher more

For travel information, budget,
accommodations and more

I want to apply!

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